Friday, 6 July 2012

On(X) setting up my #Android for my #personal needs & #mLearning frontiers

Israeli Microsoft developers just came up with On(X) a WONDERFUL way to get some automation to your personal - my personal - android driven phone (well, not all Android, so check if it matches your phone before getting excited). I got the news from Yishai Mor, a great educational researcher (Thanks Yishai).

Basically, its most promoted feature is the fact that On(X) keeps on eye on your mobility. For instance if you walk out of the office (location based gps needs to be on) after a days work, your phone messages your partner automatically with whatever message you want.
Short side note: do not forget to shut this option off if you decide to visit another person first... might create some confusion :-D

Another nice application is that the phone automatically starts playing your favorite runner playlist once you start .... running (location/paced based). Short side note: running to get through a traffic light might start audio as well, but ... it is fun anyway.

But do you see the potential for future education?!!! Let's start from a simple generic example: if you tag your fridge items (the smart refrigerator, you have similar fridges in the more expensive hotels), connected to the stock of those items and you walk passed a store... your cellphone tells you what you can get and for what price.
Well okay, but now: you are working an some research, and you go on holiday, as you pass by a building that gives shelter (oh well) to researcher with similar interests that you are connected to with your twitter account. Your phone gives you a notification, you can tweet them 'are you in and available' and you simply have an informal meet-up exchanging ideas.... Or am I the only one thinking this is cool as a holiday relaxation?

All this can be done by using the non-difficult rules (recipe's) set in On(X). For developers they provided javascript API's making programming life a bit easier. 

Here is the short video

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