Thursday 5 July 2012

Join the #MOOC on #gamebased #learning

For all of you interested in game-based learning, here is a 5 week MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) that will put you up to speed. It starts on the 9 of July so, pretty close to starting date. And they are still working hard to get the course locations finished, but in the meanwhile you can register for the free course here. Got the information via the wonderful MOOC-supporter John Mak.

The Games-based Learning MOOC begins on July 9, 2012 and will run for 5 weeks with an optional proposal/project week in mid-September.

This MOOC is organized by Center4Edupunx (love the name!) and below is a tentative outline of the topics for each week:

Game-based Learning
Week 1 Games Based Learning/Game Principles
Week 2 Gamification or Behavior Motivation Elements for the Classroom
Week 3 Overview of Commercial Off the Shelf Games
Week 4 Epistemic Games
Week 5 Introduction to Alternate Reality Games (ARG)
Week 6 Assessing Student Learning and Data Collection
Additional Course Activities
ARG Prime July 23 – August 5
Machinima  August 4 – 19

Sure rooting for the organizers that they get all their locations up and running (it is a tough cookie to crack, I know :-)

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