Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Opera mini for iPhone/iPod on our mobile Moodle application: great!

A couple of years ago I was simply playing with Opera mini (simply the best mobile browser: speed, strength and opening sites that would not open up with other browsers). During the Future of Mobile I met the fantastic Chris Mills . He explained the finer issues and benefits of Opera mini and the love for Opera mini mobile browser has never left me since. If you have never used the Opera mini browser, download it and check it out, it is really worth your while and it will save you a big amount of money as it downloads quicker thanks to a wonderful data compressing intelligence.

Why do I mention Opera mini again today? Well, last week Opera launched its iPhone and iPod opera mini application and what a treat it is. It is free (of course) and it allows you to quickly access the necessary sites. We tried it out with our http://iphone.moodle.com.au/ and it works like a charm (again, compressing the data much more, thus costing me far less when accessing the mobile moodle demo and developer site). Now there are still some glitches, but it feels much more comfortable. If any opera mini people want to join our mobile moodle project (which also includes initial android phone steps) and check out the demo course, feel free to join in, we would love your feedback! (Chris I will tweet you on this one :-)