Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Meaningful and Powerful learning... how to get students engaged by Kevin Roberts

It always seems strange to me how new educational ideas first start of really big, chaotic debates that need to be discussed amongst a lot of people for a good deal of time.... to end up being a simple set of seemingly obvious ideas that can be rounded up in just a couple of minutes. The only thing is, only a handful of people can fit big chaotic discussions into a simple set of ideas. Kevin Roberts is such a math teacher guy.

In this prezi-driven video Kevin Roberts who put the prezi presentation together for the ASB un-plugged conference 2010 that took place in Bombay this February. If you are into mathematics check-out this great math-made-simple website made by Kevin and his colleagues. It has loads of information on math topics and documents. Kevin really knows how to use Web2.0 tools to engage 21st century learning for k12 and other students.

I got hold of this presentation thanks to John Mack from Australia, who is a great connector and networker. His tweets provide lots of good information and links.

The movie made by Kevin takes about 9 minutes. It starts slowly, but gains speed as it moves along. It puts forward ideas on how educators might make use of all the new technology to get students thinking more responsibly about the use of these technologies, and how to nurture learning skills that can last a lifetime. Kevin even links it to the digital blooms taxonomy, which I mentioned in an earlier post.