Thursday 29 April 2010

Call for young medical researchers that work or reside in the South: essay competition

At ITM we are organizing the Emerging Voices colloquium which will feature new innovative technologies for research and put young researchers in the driving seat of the colloquium.

If you know any medical researchers residing or working in emerging countries, please send them this initiative. There are all sorts of introductions for the winners of the accompanying essay competition: how to present workshops, introductions to using new media in science, and collaborative research work...

The Institute of Tropical Medicine promotes ‘Health care for all’ in its mission statement. However, achieving universal health coverage is easier said than done. Although progress has been made, innovative perspectives are certainly welcome.

The global health scene is still largely dominated by Northern stakeholders. We want to encourage “Emerging Voices” from developing countries to participate actively in international academic conferences and to raise their voice in the scientific debate.

That's why we are organizing our essay competition. We want to give junior or 'emerging' voices from the South the opportunity to present new ideas on how to progress towards universal health coverage.

The authors from the best essays will be invited to Antwerp to participate in an intensive training workshop (2-10 November 2010) before presenting their work at the ITM colloquium.

They will also be encouraged to participate in the First Global Symposium on Health Systems Research (Montreux, Switzerland, 16–19 November, 2010).

A certain number of travel grants will be awarded for those who need it. Take a look at the essay competition rules for more information on how to participate.

The competition is in French and in English, for download see below: