Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Course on enhancing the impact of a training programme with eLearning

In the past I had the pleasure and honor to work with Tom Wambeke at ITC in Turin for online sessions on the topic of mobile learning. During these sessions I also met Florence Beraud, who is now working as an independant consultant in eLearning. She just set up a wonderful platform with an eLearning course and featuring eLearning examples from all around the world. The reason behind this platform is to show people what is possible with eLearning as an educational method.

She asked me to provide her with a project to add to the eLearning repository, so I added our mobile project in Peru. If you have an eLearning project that might be of interest to all of us eLearners, do not hesitate to contact her and propose what you have done. That way we canall learn from each other.

You can have a look at the platform and the course on 'Enhancing the Impact of Training Programme with E-Learning'. An overview of all the examples can be found here. The platform is completely open: no registration needed, absolutely no fees. The course takes between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on one's learning objectives and the platform is meant to be shared to trigger thinking and discussions about the potentials of eLearning.