Wednesday 2 December 2009

OEB09 mobile workshop 'How to begin mLearning'

Today I had the pleasure of leading a full day workshop with very enthusiastic participants at the Online Educa Berlin 2009 conference. The number of participants was limited to 20 enabling us all to network and exchange our knowledge with the other participants.

For this occasion I put up an easy to use Posterous blog. This blog was the joint working space for the workshop as everyone was a collaborator. To send anything to the blog (video, audio, ppt, documents...) you just have to mail it to one central dedicated e-mail and all that material is posted on the blog. So you can use it with any mobile device from which you can mail and in a lot of cases mailing is the thing people use frequently on their mobile.
In a second step I made the posterous blog easily visible for mobile devices, by connecting it to a free mofuse mobile rendering account. This saved us all on data exchange costs.

For those interested in what happened, I have posted all the slides below.
Thank you to all the participants and I will send you all a linked in group invite soon to keep us all connected like you asked!

The full day workshop was divided into 4 session, one of which was a totally 'walk to talk' or hands-on session in which all the participants roamed through the streets and the building building a mobile project.

Session 1: 4 mobile cases and statistics on the latest mobile evolutions

Session 2: on planning, tools and qr-codes

Session 3 was the hands-on session and session 4 was looking at the future.

It was really a wonderful day thanks to all the positive ideas that the participants collaboratively shared.