Monday 29 June 2009

visualizations galore for Academic, Personal and Business Intelligence

In this increasingly data related world, visualizing your research is important. There are lots of old school ways (Excel, SPSS...) which give straight forward data in correct (rather square) graphics, but now you can add some extra 'Umph' to your complete data overview.

The online analytics blog: Juice Analytics (which features a lot of free tools and open source apps) just released a wonderful post on analytics applications that will pull your data into the new visualization era.

Two data applications that are mentioned in the Juice analytics blog caught my eye: the IBM's many eyes one and the mobile data application RoamBI. The latter is only available for the iPhone mobile device (a pity).

Many eyes: is a really easy to use visualization application that enables you to quickly put your data in a visualization AND interact with people in the familiar 2.0-way. If you are into the whole social media feel, this application feels familiar.

The RoamBI app allows you to show statistics on the go or roam through them as you yourself are on the road. The visuals are compact, but you can slide through them in a nice way. But to be comprehensive and keep an overview the desktop applications will be advisable, but to keep in touch with data while on the go, this mobile app gives a nice extra.

For both applications you need to register to get going.

In the meanwhile I am procrastinating as I should be tackling spss again...

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