Wednesday 17 June 2009

Joining the Web Research 4 Beginners online conference next week... take a look

For the researchers out there that are interested in using online sources to build up their research, this is a great meeting point: the Web Research 4 Beginners Online Conference.

What can you expect?
Starting 22 June up until 26 June, during five days, two presentations a week will be given by a variety of speakers. The conference is hosted by the University of Manitoba, home of Web Research conference.
They even have a conference tab for any kind of following purposes: WR4B09.

The conference is multidisciplined, with international speakers and it can all be followed wearing your pyjama's or any which way you want to.

Let me just copy from their homepage:

"Is web research for me?

Ever consider online data collection for your research? Can web research be practical for longitudinal studies? Could one implement a clinical treatment online? Are ethical issues tractable? What features are important in survey research software? These and other questions will be addressed by this online conference, which is designed to provide the curious web research novice with an overview of the issues, promise, and pitfalls of online research.

The convenient conference format will allow you to:

  • participate from a personal computer anywhere,
  • attend two presentations each day for five days,
  • hear expert speakers talk live,
  • watch their slides at the same time, and
  • ask questions by text or voice.

Compelling reasons to attend:

  • Speakers with academic and private sector backgrounds from 6 countries;
  • Really inexpensive registration fee — CAD$40;
  • No travel required (well, OK, that could be a drawback);
  • No accommodation costs (use the saved money for something fun);
  • Multitasking opportunities if things get slow;
  • Small carbon footprint;
  • Minimal pandemic risk; and
  • Flexible dress code (pyjamas?).

If the topics look interesting and the schedule works for you, register now."

I do not know about you, but I am enrolling myself immediately...


  1. This sounds like a great opportunity. Thanks for the post.

  2. Great tool. I've signed up and we'll see what happens with it. I'm mentioning it in my blog post today; we'll see how many responses I get to the poll I set up.

    Sharon Boller