Tuesday 28 April 2009

eLearning mash-up follow-up: Articulate presenter and Flash 10 compatibility

Just a quick note: a useful fix for those working with Articulate presenter and are upgrading to the Flash 10 player.
A couple of months ago I wrote a post about a combination of Articulate presenter, Captivate, Camtasia, social media incorporation and a high definition webcam. It was a quick mash-up, but it resulted in a useful combination of tools that simply look cool.

But when the Flash 10 player came along, that presentation no longer loaded in my browser. This was due to a swf file that was not correctly decodable by any of the browsers that used the new Flash 10. Luckily Articulate came up with a solution, the Flash updater for Articulate.
For all of you that are experiencing the same problem (articulate presenter not loading in browser after upgrading to Flash10) a detailed problem solving page was written.
After installing the updater for Flash, I scanned my swf-files build by articulate. This resulted in Internet Explorer 7 working again. After this I only had to erase the cache in Firefox 3 and Opera 9.64 and Safari 4.


  1. That's really interesting. This kind of mash-up stuff would be a good direction for a P2PU course. Not having to do with any particular tool, but rather getting a basic understanding of best practices. From there tool specific ones could also be done. Now that is relevant learning. Trouble shooting and community finding would probably be good extras for those courses.

    Oh, I have something I want to share with you. I'm arranging and putting on a blogging event on open and engaging education and learning. In case you'd like a feed of my posts related to it, here's the URL: http://blog.igenoukan.com/feeds/posts/default/-/EBBlogEvent09

  2. hi Steven,

    Thanks for your motivating comment. It could indeed be used for a P2PU course.

    The blogging event sounds inspiring. Going to take in indepth look.