Tuesday 7 April 2009

Solar power for your small and big mobile devices!

While trying out different types of solar panels, I began to like the set of solar panels mentioned below. Just imagine having to go abroad and no longer having to worry about electricity... ah, what bliss!

With solar powered technology you will get all the workspace and electrical independence you need, even in your back garden. This sounds a bit like a sale pitch, so I have to warn you in advance, there are a lot of other solar panels for different equipments out there. I just like the ones below because it caters to a variety of models, is delivered with a wide variety of connectors and it is rather robust, that is all.

SolarGorilla and PowerGorilla
In this day and age the laptop is at the center of your workspace. With the SolarGorilla (137£) you can charge a wide variety of laptops and mobile devices straight from the USB-port. Techies: capacity: 500mAh @ 20V or 5V.
If you want to work all through the night (ahum), you might want to purchase the PowerGorilla (147£) as well, which is a perfect addition to the SolarGorilla. The PowerGorilla is a universal back-up battery that can fuel your laptop when you lack electricity. The PowerGorilla only works with laptops of 16V, 19V or 24V, so check before you buy! Techies: output capacity: 21000 mAh in 5V; 5500 mAh in 19V; 4200 mAh in 24V.

PowerMonkey eXplorer
If the above package is too much and you only need to charge your mobile devices, it suffices to use the PowerMonkey eXplorer (64£). Techies: output current: 700mAh max.

Both solar power packages can also charge your PSP, iPod, Nintendo DS, mp3-players or any USB chargeable device as the packages include different connectors. Power sockets for up to 150 different countries are also included.

How quickly does it charge?
There is no clear answer to that question. The charging time depends on the type of battery of your equipment, the type of sunlight (depending on your local coordinates and the height of the sun), whether you use a lot of Wifi or Bluetooth (this drains any battery) and how you aim your solar panel (depending on the coordinates of the sun, your panel is ideally tilted to maximize the sun’s intensity).

Can you use it less sunny regions, for instance Belgium? Yes, but as mentioned depending on the intensity of the light your charger will work slower or quicker.

Anyway, from now on you can work from your garden, hammock style.Green power rules!

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