Monday, 4 May 2009

Respond to the call for eLearning demonstrations from the CLTI community

A couple of eLearning guru's have started the CLTI community, or Corporate Learning Trends and Innovation community on Ning. In April they organized a wonderful Learntrends activity that gave the floor to eLearning professionals all around the world for 24 hours. I could not attend at that time, but I am certainly looking forward to attend any future Learntrends event.

The next event at CLTI is a showcase of eLearning in a broad sense. So anyone who whishes to propose, explain, unravel their eLearning case (mobile, social media, self-pased...) is invited to send their proposal.

From the writings of Tony Karrer: "One of the hardest things to find are real-life examples of different kinds of eLearning solutions. On May 21, Learn Trends will be hosting a free online event where the people who have developed interesting eLearning solutions will demonstrate and briefly discuss what they've done.

This is an online call for people who can "demonstrate" their system. Even if you can't participate - please help me get the word out on this.

Because of my concerns about bandwidth - demonstrations will really be screen shot slides. Sorry. This makes it a bit harder to demonstrate 3D worlds, video based training, etc. But it can still be done - just screen shot it and plan to explain it.

Generally we are looking for examples of a variety of different kinds of solutions. We hope they will vary from practical solutions to common problems to leading edge solutions. Some example areas and this is by no means inclusive:

* Self-Paced Courses
* Performance Support Tools
* Mobile Learning
* Collaborative Learning
* Social / Network Learning
* 3D Learning
* Games
* Toolkits
* Interesting Tools

We especially would like participants who are developing solutions inside of organizations to participate. These are most often the hardest examples to see.

To participate, you must be available May 21 (Thursday) from 9AM to Noon Pacific Time - PDT (for all you on Central European Summer Time: 6 PM - 9 PM (18.00 - 21.00) or for those in other parts of the world, look at the world clock converter).

If you are interested, please send me an email ( with:
* A brief description
* A couple of example screen shots

We expect to have more examples than we can show and discuss in the 3 hours, so we will likely only be able to choose some of what is sent in. We will try to choose a variety of different examples that represent effective patterns.

We are also trying to come up with ways to effectively share examples that are not shown real-time during the session.

Two last things:
1. Please help me spread the word about this.
2. If you know of places that examples already are captured, please point me to those. Another aspect of this is beginning to capture examples that will be available online."

Go on and join!


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