Tuesday 21 April 2009

Throw away your powerponits, simply use Prezi

Prezi is rapidly becoming one of the new buzz words on the internet. Prezi enables anyone to quickly build a multimedia rich presentation/visual/mindmap... that offers all the flash dynamics you can wish for. This is not a software for the meek and weary, it is for those of us who like to jump, run, dive and stand out in a crowd.

For me this will be my presentation software of choice for the next couple of months. I have only been trying it out, so I still have to come to terms with the great detail it offers, but it already has blown my mind because it is so easy and looks so sleek, just look at the showcases. Just try it out, you will immediately feel the possibilities it offers. One minor remark: if you type in a link, it takes a bit of time for it to become active.

For eLearning purposes it offers the unique feature of enabling any learner to set out there own learning path. For those who rather put in a learning path, you can easily add it to the Prezi presentation as well. You can really draw the learner in, use different types of media, group the content if it is relevant or leave it to the learner's choice.

Prezi offers quick online tutorials to get started. There are different options, you can either go pro (119 €), go private (39 €) or use the free version (free).

This application was also one of the finalists in the Next Web Rising Sun Startup competition and although it did not win, it certainly got the jury raving. The Next Web conference took place 15, 16, 17 April 2009 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. So it is crispy new.

It's groovy, it's now, it's blitzy... yes, it is Prezi (mmm, I suddenly remember why I did not go into copywriting for commercial companies).

This is what I could make in less than an hour.
It works mighty swiftly, this was my first try out: http://prezi.com/38600/


  1. Thanks for the posting, it's a really nice tool indeed. Have you tried it out in a live presentation yet? It seems to me that you need to either stay locked to the keyboard or have an operator run the show for you while you are talking (ie no "fingermouse" functionality?) Or am i wrong?

  2. hi Thomas, indeed a live presentation is not that easy, especially if you do not put in a path.

    the non-path solutions: I used a wireless mouse, and used it on a small board. But it does not allow you to keep your hands free, so it does limit dynamic speaker possibilities. If you find a better solution, let me know.

    If you put in a careful path, it does work. Than you only need a remote presenter mouse.
    But it is something to get used to in comparison to ppt.