Sunday, 2 December 2007

my presentation on vodcasting

Friday afternoon at Online Educa Berlin. I had just finished rearranging my slideshow on vodcasting so that it would include a theoretical framework (a quick one) as well.

My fellow speakers were Christoph Wenk, Swiss Banking Institute, University of Zurich, Switzerland, "From Blended to Mobile Learning - Experiences with Video-Streaming and Vodcasting" and Andreas GroƟ, Hasso-Plattner -Institute for Software Systems Engineering Potsdam, Germany, "Mobile Learning with the Teleteaching Anywhere Solution Kit (tele-TASK)". This session was moderated by Helle Meldgaard, UNI-C, Denmark. Both Christoph and Andreas focused on the statistical data they had from their videoprojects.

I gave the presentation with enthusiasm, because I really believe in the benefits of vodcasting and the possibilities of web2.0. In my enthusiasm I taped my presentation, but I did not put myself in the camera angle :-) but still, if anyone is interested the audio will probably be understandable as well. The presentation was taped with my laptop and a webcam and the cheapes (free) microphone available. In the beginning of the movie you can still here Christopher Wenk. My part starts at 5.30 minutes in the streaming.

After the presentation I met some great people:
Maria Teresa Salis Gomes from the Instituto Nacional de AdministraƧao in Portugal. We will get together through skype and talk about the integration of streaming and other video into Blackboard.
Harry Wittenberg from Genentech who was very supportive during the presentation.
Svitlana Shytikova from the Institute for Leadership, Innovations and Development.
Willem Karssenberg from the great Trendmatcher. We will get together on some tools for low resource settings and maybe a mutual interview through one of the tools (keep you posted on the tools).
And Duane Dunfield from Red Hot Learning came to support and discuss as well. Afterwards Duane and I got together to talk about a collaboration on a (mobile) gaming idea.

When I woke up that morning, the skyline I saw from my hotelroom looked like this:

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