Thursday, 13 December 2007

Jing tool for help or FAQ movies

Today I used Jing to make a help movie. The Jing tool from Techsmith is a very handy, quick tool to make screencaptures. The benefits are: it is free (limited to 5 minute movies), you can share the movie with others or embed it somewhere.

It is amazingly simple. The installation is easy. After the installation a small 'sun' will be put on the desktop. That 'sun' gives you access to the controls of Jing. The controls are simple: capture, history and more. The capture option gives you immediate access to either capturing a movie or a picture.
The history part gives you on overview of the pictures or movies you have made, with the added possibility to share, embed or delete the files.
The 'more' option gives you acces to limited essentials: send feedback, preferences, help and quit. Preferences: you can set up sharing for flickr, ftp, file or immediately get a URL to You can also add a hotkey and select where the launcher (= 'sun') will show on your desktop.

If you want to start capturing a video, you just click on 'capture' and you can immediately select your screensize. After that you click on movie and ... you are on!

So you cannot adjust quality too much, or edit, BUT you can launch it immediately, so it takes you as much time to make a movie as it takes the time to do something. This makes help movies really easy to capture!

To give you an idea of what a movie could look like: the movie.