Monday 6 August 2007

video exploring day

This year we will start vodcasting (video on demand) at the institute. We were already dabbling with it, but ... it is coming along now and we will soon start with informative movies for our new students.

In a later stage these students will be motivated to publish their material.

In this quest for easy access and information I came across the amazing

This was send around and a couple of organisations I am in (mainly gender empowering ones) will be using this to get their conferences live online.

The Web surely works amazingly quick.

in house our aim is to:

- publish some vid's on what ITM looks like and what the students can expect
- publish vid's of some major individuals at ITM;
- and publishing video's that relate to the research that is done here;
- broadcast live.

this way we can augment the digital Web2.0 impact of ITM.

I really love Web2.0.

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