Monday 13 August 2007

comparing Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce

Comparing Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce, gave me a better idea of the things I could use them for. Just read the table to get a quick idea of the differences or look at the video.

Why use it for eLearning purposes:
To inform your learners of the latest developments in eLearning software;
To announce a course that is starting;
To remind them there is a deadline approaching;
To give them more of a team spirit, we all know it is difficult to get a community spirit going and these microblogging systems help with that;
To give learners in low resource settings the possibility to add ideas to a discussion;
To ask a question and get a lot of answers;
To inform learners of a spontaneous get together;

Why I want to use it?
Because it enables students from low resource settings to become part of an online group through their mobile phones. And because it is fun!




Rss available

Rss available

Rss is bugged

Mobile support works great

Mobile support only for Nokia smart phones for the moment, but the java version for the rest is in development

No mobile support

One message template

One message template

Some templates for sending specific things: events, links

Limited amount of characters to be written

Limited amount of characters in the post, unlimited in the comments

Limitless approach to the message that can be send.

No grouping

Grouping is possible with channels, you can easily become a member of existing channels.

You can group persons in sets

No attachment option

No attachment options

Attachment options

You can see a thread of the direct messages

The threading is very interesting: although the posting is limited to 140 characters.

Comments are possible and the comments can be as long as you wish.

Threads visible by clicking the title or choosing what you want to see.

posting and commenting characters are unlimited.

Public timeline

You can explore public jaikus.

No public timeline, which leaves you disconnected to potential interests.

api documentation available

Api available

Api is not there yet, but it is promised for September 2007

web based

web based

Web based and desktop feature, BUT this requires installing Adobe Air.

Support, but not immediately linked to a community, it’s more of a FAQ-page

Very nice support community

No immediate link to a support community

Limited notifications

Notifications limited to mobile or sms

More notification options

you can not easily customize your profile

Only limited adjustments in your profile are possible

You can customize your profile

You can personalize the background + color scheme

Your own background image

You must select one of the fixed themes

The nice specials

Great Firefox extensions

Very nice location feature

You can forward a note

Add feeds to your Twitter e.g. with Twitterfeed

You can integrate other feeds (e.g. your twitter feeds J


  1. Nice summary!

    A couple of small correction however: Jaiku also has a version of the site optimised for mobile browsers (, and there are a number of third party mobile apps available (such as widsets and Mojax), as well as third party desktop apps.

    All third party products are enabled by our API :)

    [disclaimer - I work for Jaiku]

  2. dear Andrew

    Thanks a lot for adding your comment!
    I really liked the fact that you can add feeds to Jaiku.
    Great job by the way!

  3. Anol from SoulSoup send me this comment, which got me to add this feature in the tabel above as well:

    You can add feed to Twitter too, by many ways, e.g. Twitterfeed

    thanks Anol!