Thursday, 23 August 2007

reviewing offline player possibilities for LMS

A disadvantage in using courses that are centralized in a LMS is the fact that learners who are not connected to the web constantly have a setback. This setback can be lifted by offline players that enable learners to get only the statistical data synchronised. That way the learners can get all the eLearning courses on for instance a cd-rom, but the results of their assignments, as well as the data on what they have read can be synchronized once and a while through an internet connection.
The offline players that are tested at the moment:
blackboard backpack

What we look at is: their possibility to be integrated in different LMS's, need to download contents, the possibility to deliver content on a cd-rom/USB, SCORM compliance, quick support system, size of the data that is synchronised, user friendliness and of course the price. At this moment the Harbinger one is definitely in the lead.