Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Research instruments investigating Self-Directed Learning in #MOOCs #SDL

In reply of a question asked by the inspiring colleague and rising academic Bernard Nkuyubwatsi from the university of Leicester, I have grabbed my three research instruments and put them on Academia, here.

These three research instruments, or better: these three inquiry's to collect data related to my research, are related to three phases in my main study:

  • Pre-course - using online survey questions;
  • During course - using learning logs to capture the actual learning and reasons behind directing the learning as perceived by FutureLearn participants
  • Post-course: one-on-one interviews, investigating the reflections learners have after having finished the course. 

These instruments were sent to experienced online learners that were enrolled in FutureLearn courses (three courses were selected: all from a different subject area, and organised by different universities).

As I am writing some parts of my thesis, and I still need to untangle some of the terms used referring to either Self-Directed Learning, Self-Determined Learning, Autonomous learning, Self Learning... I thought it would be good to share this already.

They are part of a research rationale which is partially shared in my probation report which you can find here ... writing updated chapters, but will take some time.

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