Wednesday 29 April 2015

new issue of free #mobile journal and Learning #Analytics newsletter

Just sharing two new free options (one journal and one newsletter) that are filled with interesting articles on mobile learning (including a focus on lab experiments) and learning analytics (including a regional viewpoint).

The Learning Analytics Community Exchange newsletter is out, addressing the latest learning analytics research projects and ongoing ideas from the LACE community. 

There is a new series of country reports from scholars renowned for their contribution to national and international learning analytics research: a Dutch, Korean, Chinese and a Taiwanese perspective.

The newsletter also features interviews with Learning analytics experts and their views into the Future.

And one evidence based article is placed into the spotlight (I like this focus): The ‘Evidence of the Month’ on the site for April 2015 is a paper from this year’s Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK15) conference, ‘Crowd-sourced learning in MOOCs: learning analytics meets measurement theory‘.

A new iJim issue is out packed with articles that focus on remote labs (really interesting research):

*International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM)*
Volume 9, Issue 2 (2015)

*Guest Editorial*
From the eScience Project Chair (Thomas Zimmer)

*Special Focus Papers*
  • Developing a Remote Laboratory for Heat Transfer Studies (Ridha Ennetta, Ibrahim Nasri)UC1 Oscillator Remote Lab for Distant Electronics Education (Saida Latreche, Zehira Ziari, Smail Mouissat)
  • Remote Lab Experiments in Electronics for Use and Reuse (Thomas Zimmer, M. Billaud, M. Pic, D. Geoffroy)
  • Implementation of Online Optoelectronic Devices Course and Remote Experiments in UC1 iLab (Saida Rebiai, Nour El Houda Touidjen, Smail Mouissat)
  • Online Temperature Control System (Ikhlef Ameur, Kihel Mouloud, Boubekeur Boukhezzar, Guerroudj Abdelmalek, Mansouri Nora)
  • Online Laboratory in Digital Electronics Using NI ELVIS II+ (Ahmed Naddami, Ahmed Fahli, Mourad Gourmaj, Mohammed Moussetad)

*Regular Papers*
  • Agent and Mobile Tools for Telehomecare in Developing Countries: An Architecture Approach (Karim Zarour)
  • Exploring Smartphone Addiction: Insights from Long-Term Telemetric Behavioral Measures (Chad Tossel, Philip Kortum, Clayton Shepard, Ahmad Rahmati, Lin Zhong)
  • Virtual ATM: A Low Cost Secured Alternative to Conventional Mobile Banking (Shabnam Shaheen Sifat, Ali Shihab Sabbir)
  • A Mobile Based Tigrigna Language Learning Tool (Hailay Kidu Teklehaimanot)

*Short Papers*
  • Do We Have to Prohibit the Use of Mobile Phones in Classrooms? (Heba Mohammad, Ayham Fayyoumi, Omar AlShathry)
  • Influences on the Adoption of Mobile Learning in Saudi Women Teachers in Higher Education
  • (Leena Ahmad Alfarani)

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