Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Free eBook on #mobile learning in context

The eLearning Guild keeps distributing relevant and updated eLearning information with an amazingly high frequency. They keep providing me with information that helps me keep an eye on corporate training based regularly on academic evidence-based findings and I love it.

The wonderful freely available eBook "Mobile in context" combines contemporary mobile learning insights from experts around the world, engaged in formal, informal, academic and corporate mobile learning. The contributing editor Janet Clarey assembled a 23 page booklet with 7 chapters all dedicated to mLearning:

  • mobile learning: getting started (Brenda Enders)
  • mobile learning: creating a shift in what we teach (Helen Crompton)
  • mobile learning in a European context (John Traxler) - with a focus on rural communities and overcoming technological challenges
  • using augmented reality for contextual mobile learning (Jason Haag)
  • motivating learners to complete training (Phil Cowcill &Krista Hildner)
  • mMOOC design: providing ubiquitous learning (Inge de Waard)
  • micro-video for mobile learning (Sean Bengry)

The eBook is available in pdf, epub and mobi, making it an easy read no matter which device you have available. You do not to provide your contact details to get to the download page of the eBook.

The book is an introduction to the upcoming mLearnCon 2015 which will be held in Austin Texas, and Oh-my! How I wished I could be there! But writing on my thesis ... hoping to get more travel miles under my belt once the PhD is written.