Thursday 8 January 2015

Upcoming the Really Useful #EdTechbook and chapter

What a great start of a new year, to be able to work with wonderful people and get a chapter out as well. The ever working David Hopkins (I think he did not have one single day off during the past holidays), has been editing a book entitled "The Really Useful #EdTechbook" which will be on sale from 28 January 2015.

The book consists of 16 chapters from different authors, all devoted to ... really useful EdTech stuff in a non-academic, simple language. And I am very grateful to David that he allowed me to be one of the co-authors as well, together with the creme of the crop of EdTech experts.

Contributory authors: 

  • Catherine Cronin: Foreword 
  • David Hopkins: Introduction 
  • Wayne Barry: “…and what do you do?”: Can we explain the unexplainable? 
  • Zak Mensah: “Why do we do what we do?” 
  • Peter Reed: “The structure and roles of Learning Technologists within Higher Education Institutions” 
  • Rachel Challen: “Learning Technologists as magicians? Balancing policy and creativity” 
  • Julie Wedgwood: “Developing the skills and knowledge of a Learning Technologist” 
  • Dr David Walker and Sheila MacNeill: “Learning Technologist as Digital Pedagogue” 
  • Lesley Price: “Times they are a changing …or not?” 
  • Sue Beckingham: “The Blended Professional: Jack of all Trades and Master of Some?” 
  • Julian Stodd: “How gadgets help us learn in the Social Age” 
  • Terese Bird: “Students Leading the Way in Mobile Learning Innovation” 
  • Inge de Waard: “Tech Dandy, and the Art of Leisure Learning” 
  • Sharon Flynn: “Learning Technologists: changing the culture or preaching to the converted?” 
  • Mike McSharry: “This is your five-minute warning!” 
Book description:
Technology has invaded our working and recreational lives to an extent that few envisaged 20 or 30 years ago. We’d be fools to avoid the developments in personal, mobile, and wearable technology. Even if we tried we’d still have to deal with other developments and distractions in classroom and learning technology like smart boards, blogs, video, games, students-led learning, virtual learning environments, social media, etc. More than this, however, is how the advances in technology, the economic and physical miniaturisation of computing devices, have impacted education: the students, the teachers, the classrooms, the spaces, the connections, the aspirations, etc.

‘The Really Useful #EdTechBook‘ is about experiences, reflections, hopes, passions, expectations, and professionalism of those working with, in, and for the use of technology in education. Not only is it an insight into how, or why, we work with these technologies, it’s about how we as learning professionals got to where we are and how we go forward with our own development.

Title: The Really Useful #EdTechBook
Editor: David Hopkins
Word count: 61,000
Price eBook: $6.99 / £4.50 / €5.80
Price Paperback: $29.99 / £19.99 / €24.99

VAT will be added on the above eBook prices based on where you are located.
Publish date: 28 January 2015 (eBook)
Available: Paper and eBook editions will be available from the following online stores.

Pre-orders for the eBook are being taken through Amazon, links below: (print and eBook) (print and eBook)
iTunes (eBook)
Kobo (eBook)
Createspace (print)

Free download
As well as buying and downloading from the above suppliers you will also be able to download a PDF version of the book directly here, once launched. We are providing this option in order to promote openness and collaborative learning practices. I hope you will join me in thanking the contributory authors and, if you like the free version, consider purchasing the book in the format of your choice.

Google+ Community
Join our Google+ community for information on the book, the chapter authors, the launch details, the world of learning and educational technology, and other aspects of The Really Useful #EdTechBook.

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