Monday 26 January 2015

#MOOC benefits & realities for teachers & students #k12

In preparation of a workshop that I will give this afternoon at the Guldensporencollege in Kortrijk, Belgium., a k12 school. In this overview, I have put what I consider to be the benefits and realities of MOOC for teachers and students.

I will give the presentation in Dutch, so I prepared two slide decks, which I gladly share. Below the English version, and further down the Dutch version.

The slides cover the following topics:

  • The differences between MOOC formats for teachers (briefly summing up xMOOC <=> cMOOC)
  • the benefits for MOOCs - and specifically their content - for teachers (professional development, but also using these resources in their classroom, for example in Flipped classroom formats)
  • The opportunities of MOOCs for k12 learners (e.g. the guidance teachers can give in terms of critical thinking, or assessing content and topics; but also offering extra interactions and learning materials to very bright learners, as well as learners that are equally bright, but have a specific learning challenge. 
  • And at the end there is an overview of how MOOC already start to indirectly influence our teacher profile, skills, and more particularly our job descriptions. 

The Dutch version, for those of you interested in Germanic languages and their difference or similarities (it is quite similar):

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