Thursday 19 September 2013

#MOOC report from UK dep of business, innovation and skills

A more business oriented report on MOOC has been disseminated for all of us to read. It is free and can be downloaded or read here.

The headlines of the 122 page report :

  • Conflicting perspectives on MOOCs divide education communities
  • Learning Practitioners disagree about the value of MOOCs.
  • Formal comprehensive analyses of MOOCs mostly concur that they are disruptive and 
  • possibly threatening to current HE models 
  • Reporting of MOOC learner experiences is positive
  • The MOOC is maturing – and engaging with its business and accreditation issues
  • Economist Intelligence Unit.
  • Sloan Consortium..
  • Austrade.
  • Sub-conclusion: Formal analysis of MOOCs commissioned by authorities .
  • Sub-conclusion: Journalistic and press writing about MOOCs 
  • Accreditation – a route to payment..
  • The US Community College sector – a possible model for stronger MOOC engagement 
  • Technological challenges

It has some nice sections in it, so good to quickly peruse through those parts you know already and give it a bit more time on the new ideas.

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