Tuesday 17 September 2013

Learn about learner #analytics with xAPI #TinCan twitter chat

I blogged on Tin Can before, and now there is an interesting experiment you can join. Varadarajan (Varadu) Sridharan recently joined a cohort conducted by Advanced Distributed Learning ( http://adlnet.gov/ ) where everyone learns about Experience API (xAPI or Tin Can). Experience API is an e-learning software specification that allows learning content and learning systems to speak to each other in a manner that records and tracks all types of learning experiences. FYI, ADL group is also the team behind the widely-popular SCORM framework, and Tin Can is really an visionary, cross-platform standard that will boost learner analytics (and big data in general I think). 
As part of Varadarajan xAPI (Tin Can) Design Cohort, the team of Varadarajan has created a Twitter Chat experiment, and an experiment is always worth trying if you have some time and an interest in the topic. You can participate in this chat and learn more about xAPI and xAPI resources.

In order to join you need to register with your Twitter id at 
http://xapijv.kneaver.com/ and the team itself already looks inspiring!

Here are the Twitter chat timings:
- Round One questions on Twitter September, 17th at noon, 12 p.m. EST
- Round Two questions on Twitter October, 1st at noon, 12 p.m. EST

Please share this with anyone interested in xAPI or learning analytics!

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