Wednesday 18 September 2013

Join the first #FutureLearn #MOOC courses

The first courses will be going live on FutureLearn platform, the first UK-led provider of massive open online courses (MOOCs). FutureLearn is the result of nine months intense work and testing since its initial launch. For those interested in the business set up: FutureLearn is an independent company owned and spearheaded by The Open University, but in collaboration/partnership with top UK, Ireland and Australian universities. From today, some of the courses from our 20-plus partners will be showcased at a media event at the British Library, in London; but some of the courses will also be open to the public. Those courses will be public beta courses, so courses that are open to critique, improvements, and overall learning to get better. 

So for all of you experienced MOOC'rs out there, feel free to visit and join the public beta testing of FutureLearn. Give feedback, share tweets, blogs, ... adding to the insights we all need to improve the courses even more, and become one of the potential standards of (x)MOOC (e.g. Coursera, EdX, Udacity). There will be videos, trailers of the courses to come, descriptions... and all of that stuff. But what we are interested in is what you feel is missing? 
  • Are the FutureLearn courses truly mobile accessible?
  • Do the courses provide a seamless learning experience (where you can leave the course and pick it up again easily)?
  • Are they social enough to learn from peers, share experiences with others?
The trailers can be seen on each course page, or you can simply subscribe to the FutureLearn YouTube channel and get an idea of what is available.
As an example I put up the "Begin programming, build your first mobile game" course provided by the University of Reading. The trailer can be viewed below:

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