Tuesday 19 June 2012

Topics of free #mLearning course #MobiMOOC

After consulting all you wonderful mLearning enthusiasts, I gladly share the the topics that will be covered in the next free, open and online course on mLearning called MobiMOOC. The course will show examples from around the world with facilitators and speakers from different continents. The registration is simple: just sign up for the MobiMOOC Google group and you will be informed of any new developments, announcements...

The architecture of this course will follow the (peace) tree architecture.  

What is meant by the (peace) tree architecture?
A tree architecture is a course format that provides 1 topic in the first week, three in the second and more (six) in the third or later weeks. A bit like the branches of a tree, where there is a central stem (= mLearning) and different branches emerge into thinner, more specialized topics.
This course architecture was chosen to allow people with different backgrounds to first get on the same basic level and to get all of us comfortable during the first week. The topics of the second week are a bit more complex, yet they add to already existing learning experiences or more holistic mLearning views. In the third week, or specialized week, more complex topics are given in parallel with each other, enabling all of us to choose the topic that is of interest. The idea of the name came to me because I truly belief in the tree of life peace symbol. And I hope that open education and critical thinking will move all of us towards a more humane, peaceful world.

All the topic content will be shared via Open Educational Resources (synchronous sessions will be recorded and shared, resources will be bookmarked and shared...) to add to the idea of free education.

TheMobiMOOC topics will be (drum roll): 

First week: 8 – 15 September 2012
mLearning intro and planning (facilitated by Ignatia Inge de Waard - Belgium - @ignatia )

Second week: 16 – 22 September 2012
Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework (facilitated by Adele Botha - South Africa - @adele_b )
Global issues mLearning (facilitated by John Traxler - United Kingdom and the globe - @johntraxler )
mLearning tools (a collaborative experience by all of us MobiMOOC participants, each one of us will share their top tools, benefits of these tools and experiences)

Third week: 23 – 29 September 2012 (facilitators will follow)
Mobile Games
Augmented Reality mLearning
Pedagogical theory, status of mLearning research
ICT4D (facilitated by Michael Sean Gallagher - Korea / United Kingdom - @mseangallagher )
Train the trainer
Corporate mLearning
Mobile devices education and activism
mobile health (mHealth)

Closing date of the course: 30 September 2012 – with special surprise.

So, if you are interested in mobile learning (mLearning) in a variety of aspects, feel free to join MobiMOOC2012.

Details of the course:
Date: 8 - 30 September 2012
Course format: open and with emphasis on discussion and knowledge exchange
Cost: free
Location of the course: online, the course uses many social spaces, but there are 2 core spaces the course wiki and the MobiMOOC Google group (we might move to a discussion forum due to Google groups fading out, but this is our gathering point).
How to register for the course: simply request membership for the MobiMOOC2012 group. 

Feel free to send this through to anyone you might think has an interest in mLearning.

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