Friday 15 June 2012

Searching a #discussion forum that is #mobile friendly #MyBB?

In setting up MobiMOOC, I recently realized Google is fading out Google groups. Or at least it certainly feels that way. So I want to find a new tool that is optimized for discussing content and ideas in a user-friendly, social media enabled and transparent way.

MobiMOOC will focus on mLearning, as such I need to find a discussion forum software that is accessible to smartphones (at least) and has an e-mail upload function (this also allows learners to add content to the discussion forum with their wap enabled or simple internet connected cell-phones).
At the same time I want the discussion forum to be social media minded (as a lot of social media is used during MobiMOOC).

After comparing several discussion forums on the forum software compare URL, I think I will go for MyBB. If anyone has experience with MyBB, feel free to connect.

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