Tuesday 22 May 2012

Setting up a #mLearning Curriculum Framework for any institution

In the past months I have had the pleasure to work on the idea of getting a generic Mobile Curriculum Framework structure built. One that would allow any institute, corporation, organization... to set up their own mobile learning curriculum for their own target audience or students.

So I gladly share the first formal publication giving an overview of the mobile curriculum framework. For those interested you can find it here. The paper was presented during IST Africa in Tanzania.

This wonderful idea came out of the brilliant brains of two of the most driven mobile researchers I know: Adele Botha and her colleague Jacqueline Batchelor, both from South Africa. These  two researchers have been setting up mobile projects across South Africa and beyond. They are always searching for new ways that benefit all of us, not just the lucky ones having access to stable connectivity and electricity.

The framework gives an overview of what nuggets of knowledge, technology and information you need to take into account when you want to roll out a mobile curriculum in your own institute or organization. In this first paper everything is kept broad and general, but in the upcoming months we will focus on different parts of the framework, entering into detail.

The mobile curriculum framework will be shared, discussed and collaborated on during MobiMOOC2012, the free online course on mobile learning. MobiMOOC will run from 8 September until 30 September 2012. The framework will be discussed in week 2 of MobiMOOC, so feel free to register for the course by becoming a member of the MobiMOOC Google Group and join us in September 2012.

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