Monday 7 May 2012

Amit Garg on #mLearning in the #workplace

As mLearning is still growing in interest from a variety of stakeholders (government, corporate, education), it is always great to read a short presentation that brings everything together. Amit Garg (founder and director Upside Learning Solutions) is one of the people I like to follow as he has the ability to bring together key points of a specific subject matter, in this case mLearning in the workplace.

I particularly like his list of mLearning myths:
mLearning =
  • eLearning on the phone
  • just learning on the move
  • small screen-size is unsuitable for learning
  • create once and deliver on all devices (yes, still an impossibility, darn)
  • mobile content is expensive to create and distribute
  • it is not secure
  • SCORM compliance is a must

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