Tuesday 17 April 2012

Free online book with 58 tips on instructional design

The eLearning Guild always brings together eLearning people from a variety of backgrounds. This makes the Guild an interesting organization to stay updated on all things related to eLearning. Chris Benz from the eLearning Guild just released a free online book that comprizes 58 tips on eLearning. The free eBook covers tips running from research, design, over development and management. You can download it here (before the download, you do need to give some information).

It is an easy read and ... it prepares anyone who is interested in the upcoming online webinars on Advanced Instructional Design. These webinars are planned on 17 and 18 May 2012.

From the online forum site: eLearning Instructional Design: Advanced and Breakthrough Techniques

How can you take your instructional-design skills and techniques to the next level? What are some of the newest innovations in instructional design? What does the research tell us about which design techniques really work and which ones don’t? If you want to design increasingly compelling online learning experiences, or just need some fresh ideas, this Online Forum is for you.

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