Monday, 22 March 2010

Moodle accessible for Androids: first steps taken

Many of you have asked the iPhone/Moodle team to break open the code and enable access for Android smarthphones as well. Well, our formidable and wonderfully skilled developer Beto Castillo Llaque has done ground breaking work (again).

If there are any headhunters, pick-up Beto's name (who works at the Institute of Tropical Medicine Alexander von Humboldt), he is truly an amazing PHP developer and... astonishingly quick and creative!

For those of you who have an android phone, try-out the demo-site we created initially for the iPhone, we have added additional coding to give access to android phones, so try it out, but remember these are just the first preliminary steps in the recoding... so do not expect everything to work for the Android phones yet.

Beto has made a youTube movie on the possibilities with the Android. Now the movie is not yet edited, but you really get an idea of what it looks like. For this movie he used the android simulator. And if you look closely you can see his picture.