Friday, 12 March 2010

Join us on Friday 19 March for testing the iPhone/Moodle web-application

The iPhone/Moodle team has been actively adapting and testing the iPhone/Moodle code. So we invite you all to join us next Friday, i.e. Friday 19th March 2010 for testing out the code that we have been building. Thanks again to all the members of our team, it is an honor to work with you all.
Our now expanded, International project team (in alphabetical order): Lewis Carr, Beto Castillo Llaque, myself (Ignatia/Inge de Waard), Luis Fucay, Hiroki Inoue, Carlos Kiyan, Julian Ridden, and Maria Zolfo.

Feel free to join us next Friday. In order to join the demo and try the web-application starting from Friday 19th March 2010, we ask you to register in the iPhone/Moodle site here. On Friday you will all get full access to the demo course and you will be able to try it out as you like.

After the demo fase, and after we have gone through your remarks, the code will be given for free under a Creative Commons General Public license so we can all use it, adapt it to any needs, and redistribute it for all.

We have been translating the demo movie in a couple of languages that you can see on our official youTube channel, in the hope that we might connect to many of you. We also like to thank the great musician David Arkenstone for allowing us to use an excerpt of his music for the demo movie!

Vlaamse versie
Version Française
Deutsche version
Versiòn en Espanol
Russian version
Japanese version

And the English version.

So join us on Friday 19th March 2010! We would love to hear your feedback and improve the coding so that we can have quite a good first release of the open source code.

In the meantime, check out this video (thanks Carlos!) to get people to the project site: