Friday, 29 May 2009

#ela2009 workshop George Siemens: social networking technologies for teaching and learning transformation

One of the workshops in eLearning Africa 2009 was lead by George Siemens, a Canadian from the Manitoba University who was one of the organisers of the CKK08 massive course in 2008 in which I participated my two cents. He is always a source of innovative ideas.

The great thing about these slides is that it gives you a holistic approach of what learning embraces: experimenting, gossip, collaboration, debating, constructing ideas ...

It comprises a lot of names from the educational realm, so if you are interested in pedagogy, you want to look for new (or I like to see them as the historically old) ways of learning, just look up a couple of these persons and dive in.
A name I had to google was Seymour Papert, and it showed me again that learning is based on sharing knowledge through networks. I know I will never know all I am interested in, but I love exploring new information.

The slides of the workshop:

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