Thursday, 4 December 2008

mobile learning and QRcodes: my session and the audience's ideas

The OEB08 session in which I spoke was amazingly rich in content (talking about the other participants). They all had great applications making use of language technology, sms, multimedia and all combining it in mobile examples. Because I was the last one to speak, I was too nervous to take notes while they were giving it. I looked up links to them:

Gavin Cooney, Learnosity, Ireland on 'Voice: The Killer Application of Mobile Learning';

Mathew James Constantine, IE Business School, Spain on 'Mind the Gap – Narrowing the Distance to the Learner'

Sarah Cornelius, University of Aberdeen, UK on 'Real-Time Simulation on the Move: The Learner Context'

The audience that was present was amazing. They gave idea after idea on how the QRcodes could be used in a learning or broader setting, it was mindblowing. I tried to jott down all of the ideas mentioned:
  • Adding it to a business card;
  • Using QRcodes to promote an article or thing on the go (in the street, open space);
  • using it inside buildings (flour plans);
  • using it in tours by linking it to audio that give background information on the sights;
  • using it in (newspaper) articles to link to extra/background information;
  • putting it on geocaching games and articles;
  • using it to guide people directly to a map to go to a hotel, university... (from bus stops, train stations...);
  • linking it to audio samples to construct a bigger sound landscape;
  • using it to guide learners to sights and learning spaces;
  • making a mobile tour and in that tour linking certain spots to the Basque language (or any other language, but I liked the idea of linking it to a language that is not mainstream yet very rich).
So I was very thankful to everyone that attended with all their great ideas.
I also uploaded my presentation for anyone who is interested.


  1. Hi Ignatia,

    Just saw your post on QR codes. Very interesting. Some things I wanted you to know...

    The Google Chart APIs make it mighty handy for getting QR codes, e.g. renders the QR code to your blog post.

    In addition you mention that QRcodes are static, which is true, but tikitag ( is planning to support QRcodes for Web Link actions in Q1 2009 (that is the unofficial plan in any case), making it more versatile. (And you could even mix and match RFID tikitags and QR codes, whichever is best adapted to your needs/environment/user)

  2. hi wItspirit,

    Thank you for your useful links. We should hook up together and try to build a joined case for a mix of QR-tikitag use. And taking tikitag to an educational environment.