Friday, 5 December 2008

Big Question: What did I learn about learning in 2008?

The Learning Circuits blog from Tony Karrer has posted a new question of the month: 'what did you learn about learning in 2008'.

The biggest aha-moment seemed to have come from an informal learning moment with Nicola Avery at OEB over dinner and one with Luk De Clerck on the plain back home. Maybe the biggest aha-moments are always the one's you have had last. (as Tony Karrer commented, I did not mention that I was going to write a specific blogpost about the aha-moments... you can find it here).

Here is my two cents of positive learning results of this year:

Basically been busy the whole year with learning... so that is a good thing. And I have felt that I like the academic and the informal approach to learning the most but maybe that is a strange and unexpected combination?


  1. Can I recommend you tell us a bit more about the actual aha - I can't say I get it.

  2. @Tony, I am writing a post about it as you post the question ... I did not have the time to write it up and how to arrange it. This morning I got writing though. Will post it today.