Thursday, 26 June 2008

spread the word: Telemedicine/eHealth Training Workshop at the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp - Belgium

Looking for a one week workshop that covers the basics for setting up a telemedicine website in low-resource settings? Than this might be what you are looking for (The registration fee is 750 € which covers tuition, all course materials and accommodation but not living expenses). Spread the word, but be sure to be quick because the amount of places available are limited and the requirements are strict. I am one of the teachers. The workshop has a strong and good outcome, so feel free to send a request if you are interested.

The coordinator of the Telemedicine week is my wonderful and very brainy colleague Maria Zolfo (see picture).

For the complete info look at this pdf, a short overview below. Deadline 28 July 2008.

Since 2003, the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) in Antwerp has organized an annual
Telemedicine Workshop on the practical use of the ITM Telemedicine website (second opinion tool) and ITM library document delivery service. Topics as access to free online literature, management of databases of references to the literature and computer skills were also taught. In 2007 and in collaboration with Norwegian Center for Telemedicine (NST) of Tromsø (Norway), WHO Collaborating Centre, the Telemedicine Workshop has taken a new connotation, using a more interactive case-based approach with hands-on sessions on how to develop Telemedicine and eHealth systems in low resource settings and aiming at the development and discussion of specific projects proposals of participants.

The workshop targets professionals who are responsible for eHealth projects and policies or
for coaching junior staff using ICT for health.

  • -Needs assessment and “Country feasibility study for Telemedicine”: the needs for pre-studies and context awareness
  • eHealth in low resource settings: templates and examples of proven practices
  • Design and architecture of a telemedicine system – adaptations and contextualization
  • District Health Information Systems; data management: examples, software,
  • implementation requirements
  • Electronic patient records: examples, software, implementation requirements
  • Legal/ethical issues in telemedicine: practical implications?
  • Fixed and wireless telecommunication networks
  • Tele-education, distance learning: tools, courses
  • Still-images versus on-line tools; low cost videoconferencing systems for medical application
  • Developing a framework for evaluation
  • Funding opportunities and partnerships (e.g., telemedicine associations)

Teaching will consist of lectures, seminars, group discussions, critical reading sessions,
exercises on the computer and practical sessions.
NST Tromsø and ITM Antwerp staff will deliver most of the training. Internationally
renowned experts from academic institutions and the field will be invited to complement
specific areas of expertise (i.e., RAFT, iPath and IFI/University of Oslo).

The course is intended for the following persons:
• holders of a health degree or working in health management for at least three years
• with basic computer skills: Word, PowerPoint, Excel basics and Internet
• being involved in organization of health management systems
No more than 15 participants will be admitted. A selection will be made through the
following criteria:
• motivation
• involvement in actual or past Telemedicine/eHealth projects
• future career perspectives in the field of Telemedicine/eHealth

Interested? Contact us:
Eva Vervecken
Institute of Tropical Medicine
Nationalestraat 155
B-2000 Antwerp
Tel: +(32)3 2476300
Fax: +(32)3 2476452

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