Wednesday, 4 June 2008

long live demo's: comparing shareable notebooks the speedy way

Today I had planned to compare different shareable notebooks with one another. Up until now I used the free version of Evernote to make my personal notebook, but it is time for a change that fits better with the ideas I have in mind.

You could ofcourse use a wiki for this purpose, but I wanted something that gave me the immediate ability to add (almost) any type of document, whether it is audio, video, text… and which allows me to make note pages that look chaotic, because that is the way I like to start my search and filtering for content and knowledge.

A quick search with the incomparable dogpile search engine immediately gave me a link to a great comparison of Zoho, Google and the OneNote notebook.

You can find a blog post from Thomas who works at Microsoft (I know this is not what you would call an objective viewpoint, but bear with me):
His conclusion was slightly in favor of Zoho.

But then again, I only read his conclusion. Why? Because as knowledge is increasing my time schedule gets stricter. So I thought, what I will do is just compare the feedback of all these notebooks and decide on the demo’s they have. This worked for me. The only one that was immediate and to the point in its demo was Zoho. So here I go, I will adopt Zoho as my notebook of preference at this time, and mostly based on their very practical demo.

The demo quick list

Microsoft OneNote demo

The Google notebook feedback:

And the Zoho notebook demo (practical and immediate):

Demo’s work for me if they are quick, to the point and short.

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  1. Its a great find, thanks for sharing - I like what they are doing with the mobile bit - haven't really looked at yet but first glance - looks good !