Thursday, 28 June 2007

Second Life and eLearning: the quest

Jay Cross walsed me to an corporate blog entry of Tony O'Driscoll. The podcast of Thomas Malone (June 2007) talks about the important shift to more freedom for future workers. Tony O'D is comparing it to the shift towards democracy... well, I dream about more humanised and personal designed workloads, so I am definitely into this change. The only remark I have in looking at MMORPGs as free decision making environments is... the fact that you need to walk the path within the game. The only freedom in the game is limited to those choices that were designed in the game itself.

And an interesting article 'Another Life' of both Jay and Tony in eLearn magazine. With an added bonus to the Second Life - Moodle mash-up: Sloodle.

Sloodle! I will know what to do in my sparetime this vacation.

Because my educational Institute is involved in education with developing countries, Second Life seems far off. On the other hand new technologies get embraced more rapid in these regions once ICT/mobile network kicks in.
To try-out all possibilities I will form a group of 'scouts' within the institute to try out the Second Life environment, make a network and brainstorm about educational possibilities.