Tuesday, 5 June 2007

the quest for a Web2.0 graphic organic tool

Browsing the net for web2.0 tools left me with a void: what about my graphic diary - PLE?

since I was a child I make drawings in my diary. Now that I have crossed the digital bridge, I blog, but I just cannot seem to find a tool that enables me to make a graphic evolutionary diary.
You know the Chinese/Ethiopian/Japanese scrolls? (a nice online example) The really long ones that have a book/movie-like feeling because of the big amount of images used. I have diaries just like that on which I added images that build the comic book of my life in one big scroll. But ever since I crossed over to the digital diary - which also mapped my learning progress - my life's scroll has somewhat come to a halt. It would be nice if the images could be linked (easy) but also that I could constantly add drawings to the big wall I already have.

Does any of you know a tool that makes this possible? or would anybody be interested on working on such a tool? or does anybody of you know who would like to work on it? (do you feel a bit of the desperateness of my quest?)