Monday 4 June 2007

screenwriter's bible

In my 20-ies I walked around on some movie sets. This was mainly because my lover at the time was studying to be a director (later to become a multimedia specialist). And lately the past has come back to light an old fire: screen writing.
I just cannot keep myself from reading several books at the same time and I found this one: the screenwriter's bible by David Trottier.

As an eLearning provider I use the screenwriting techniques to enhance the storyboards of the courses I design. Will they ever become eLearning blockbusters?

And the subject is gendered throughout the book. The thing that also immediately got my attention is the way he changes gender in his sentences. He always switches the main character's gender and that makes the book much more genderneutral. I was also really surprised that a leading book just decides on doing this and ... it really works. I found myself much more connected because the male and female subject was used that much in the grammar decisions of the book.

The content of course is also very functional and gives ideas on every page. An inspiring pageturner.

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