Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Planning for what might prove to be impossible #OPNLearn

After days if not weeks of contemplation - and reading Eleanor Roosevelt's "You Learn by Living", I have decided to go for it, no matter what this new frontier will bring me. This idea of Old Philosophers and New learning will no doubt need more time to develop and mature, but from here onward it will be a project and I will develop it as openly as possible. 

The thought of starting and being able to bring a new project to fruition is daunting. I am over 50, I have been a diabetic type 1 for seven years, and I have had breast cancer. Looking at these three facts makes me doubt whether any new project will be successful. And with success I mean being able to lean on this activity to feel confident, provide new ideas by combining old ones, and have money to support all of this happening, even growing. On the other hand ... I have been working on new technologies and innovation with success (= international awards), I was able to grow from my early years as a cleaning lady/waitress into a person with a PhD (rough road), and all along I have gathered some wonderful, intelligent, interesting and magnificent friends living across this beautiful globe. In Dutch I would say that the odds of any new project that I would start would result in ... "het kan vriezen, het kan dooien", it can go either way, but it will at least result in something. 

So here it goes. As anxiety is present and I must admit I do not like to fail at something, I need to do this. It feels as though this is the last thing I can do to attain something that might possible add to a thoughtfull, respectful world. Here goes nothing...


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