Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Free papers on mobile learning from #IMLF2016 conference #mlearning

This is a really wonderful set of papers that encompass the latest mobile learning realities and implementations. The proceedings were disseminated before the actual IMLF2016 conference start in Bangkok, providing a nice bit of reading.

Papers covered in the proceedings :

  • Empathic Technologies and Virtual, Contextual and Mobile Learning in VR/AR/MR Environments
  • Mobilizing the Troops: a Review of the Contested Terrain of App-Enabled Learning
  • Moving Toward a Mobile Learning Landscape: Presenting a Mlearning Integration Framework
  • Enhancing A Mobile and Personalized Learning Platform Through Facial Analytics and Interactive Quizzes
  • Using wearable technology to improve the acquisition of new literacies
  • A Snapshot of Teacher Educators’ Mobile Learning Practices
  • The growing tendency of mobile-assisted language learning development in Kazakhstan
  • The QR Code→ as a Mobile Learning Tool for Labor Room Nurses at the San Pablo Colleges Medical Center
  • Teachers’ Readiness in Using Mobile Devices for Mathematics Teaching and Learning: A Case Study in Banten Province, Indonesia
  • The Effect of Multimedia Blurb on Second Language Narrative Reading Comprehension
  • Developing Hong Kong Community College Students’ Digital Literacy through Digital Storytelling
  • The role of Universitas Terbuka-Indonesia as an Institution of Higher Education in Establishing the Existence of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia through Multicultural Education
  • LOWA operator in application on online student assessment
  • The Development of An Open Educational Resources (OER) Model based on Connectivism Theory to Enhance Knowledge Sharing between Thai OER and Malaysian OER
  • Utilization of Online Radio for Learning Media. Case study at Universitas Terbuka
  • Design and adoption factors of an m-learning application to support self-exploratory guide visit
  • The Impact and Benefits of Internet Usage in Presidential Election Campaign

I only started reading the proceedings, but for all of you looking at integrating mobile learning into a learning environment for all levels (learner, teacher, society), based on a combination of mLearning frameworks and latest insights, have a look at Helen Crompton's paper on "Moving Toward a Mobile Learning Landscape: Presenting a Mlearning Integration Framework", I can sure understand why she is one of the keynote speakers. Every page got me thinking and gave me new ideas related to my own interests. To give you an idea, I am adding the abstract of her paper here:
Mobile devices transcend the educational affordances provided by conventional tethered electronic and traditional learning. However, empirical findings show that educators are not integrating technology effectively into the curriculum. In this study, a thematic synthesis methodology was used to develop and present a framework for thinking about the integration of mobile devices in teaching and learning. The mobile learning (mlearning) integration framework is comprised of four main parts: beliefs, resources, methods, and purpose. These four areas are elucidated to reveal the many sub-components that determine how technology is integrated. An ecological framework is then presented to demonstrate how the individual parts of the initial framework operate through a complex, interconnected network of systems involving personal and environmental factors.