Thursday, 17 March 2016

Finding jobs as a post-PhD: strategies & opportunities #PhD #research #job

Today Koula  Charitonos and I are sharing some pointers on how to guide your career to where you want to go (as an academic or TELearning professional). The session is part of the valuable CALRG seminars, which are held at the Open University (UK) and are part of academic professional development and reflection. The incomparable Rebecca Ferguson and Liz Fitzgerald drive all the events and make it into an increasing success. 

Below are my slides on getting to the next career move after obtaining a PhD (which admittedly, I am finalizing still) and to find those positions that align with the personal life as well as personal ambition. [After giving my presentation, I got a tweet from Anne Krook who has some amazing links to help post-PhD students to find their next job, either in academia and/or corporate world, so gladly referring to her resources here.]

In running up to this presentation, I also wrote down some steps that makes up a PhD journey for those interested in taking up a PhD challenge and stretch their research horizons with a formal degree. Those PhDjourney slides can be found here (with links to probation reports, an example of a PhD call proposal, etcetera).

Here are the post-PhD career options slides