Friday 20 November 2015

Historical #EdTech perspective for all researchers @sharplm

This is a great, brief set of slides (33 slides) which allows us aspiring/experienced researchers to quickly anchor our own EdTech research or ideas into a historical EdTech perspective (mine: phenomenology, MOOC, social learning).

While I was taking a break from data/writing (PhD) and trying not to think about finding a job (Wild cards welcomed), I saw a new slidedeck from Mike Sharples come in with an introduction into Educational Technology. Mike Sharples is one of those people who have experience in various EdTech fields from the start of his academic career, which makes him a great curator for the topic.

In just 33 slides he guides the viewer through some EdTech highlights (e.g. logo programming, mobile learning) all the while linking to inspirational EdTech people who changed the journey of many EdTech researchers (e.g. Papert, Dewey), and looking at emerging themes through history (e.g. self-paced learning, learning design). Admittedly, there is a focus on UK/OU projects.