Wednesday 21 May 2014

#OER #mobile and online learning videos

Yesterday the last of a set of 10 videos on Open Educational Resources (OER) was uploaded by the Ontario Online Learning Portal. In these 10 videos basic OER information is shared, making it a wonderful, qualitative starting point for anyone building a course around OER (saves time and money :-)

Dr. Rory McGreal , from Contact North | Contact Nord Research Associate and the UNESCO/Commonwealth of Learning Chair in Open Educational Resources shares his expertise in a series of 10 short (= on average 6 minutes), informative videos that address the what, why, where, and how of OER. Through the videos, Rory guides you to effectively find and make use of OER for more time- and cost-effective course development.
In addition to practical information on OER, Rory also addresses issues of copyright, fair dealing, and licensing for freely available materials.
The information is delivered briefly and consizely. For example, I found out where to go to get some nice French, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Finnish, ... OER via the OpenEducationalConsortium: link. 
I will share just the one video from those 10 movies here focusing on OER and mobile learning. In this video Rory McGreal has a 6 minute look at why developing content that is mobile accessible is important. Most of you will know it: more people use mobile to access internet then desktops, more mobile users everywhere so mobile access means more access to your content. It is great content to initiate the overall topic of mobile learning and OER.

Contact North VId 6 from Signature Group on Vimeo.

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