Friday, 4 April 2014

Part4 #xAPI seminar Andrew Downes on #learningdesign #eln

Almost groggy here after information overload and process... hoping still to make sense a bit. Great seminar!
Part4 #xAPI seminar Andrew Downes on #learningdesign. Wonderful resource: http://

And if you want to get an xAPI UK project going, have a look here, at the end there is link to get in touch and start a conversation

If you want to start designing xAPI statements, here is that start:

And a few pointers on how to start tracking xAPI and real world

And an iPhone xAPI statements viewer (free) here:

Looking at how Tin Can design affects learning design
He is key UK lead for xAPI at Epic

A xAPI mindset
The xAPI looks at events, not necessarily status of events (latter typical of scorm)
Which results in different learning designs.

A learner
Succeeded at
A work task

Some elearning

Their personal goal

Think about
What different experiences do or could make up your blend of learning?
What needs to happen in experiences X to trigger a change in experience Y
What is a natural flow for your learners?

Challenges on informal xAPI stuff
Reliability of self-reporting
I did this => prove it!
Will learners report their learning?
Please complete this form => possibly NO (so what can we do to avoid this, or work around. What might be a benefit?) – e.g. training courses only made available to those who do send feedback.
Privacy concerns
We are tracking everything you do => Ummmmm (big brother issue, communicated well, open on it)

It’s not working, is it? => Have you tried turning it off and on again? (So communicating on this is crucial, both with learners, as with developers/experts)
Too much data
Joe moved this mouse 1 pixel => Which direction?
Correlation is not causation. 

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