Monday, 22 April 2013

Free Kindle apps for reading eBooks for Kindle

Get your free Kindle app for most of the mobile devices out there! Last week I published my eBook on MOOC YourSelf, setting up your own MOOC with guidelines for facilitators, newbies, mobile learning adepts.... This lead to some inquiries via blog and mail, especially on the fact that the book was written to be viewed with one device, namely the Kindle. And understandably, some people hesitate to buy a new or another device in order to read books that they can also read on other devices.

So this got me on a search to find out whether one would actually really need a Kindle in order to view or read my book. And it turns out there are free apps out there - offered by Amazon - to enable readers to read eBooks written for Kindle. Great!

Take a look at the free Kindle apps here.

The free Kindle apps are available for smartphones (Android, iPhone, iPod touch), computers (Windows 8, Mac, Windows XP), and tablets (iPad, Android, Windows 8). So this covers many of the devices out there.

The books are still to be paid for, but ... the Kindle publishing option does allow more of the revenue to go straight to the author, which is a nice thing. So hope this helps in giving my book and other authors a chance to get their work straight to your favorite device.