Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Belgian/Dutch debate on transforming Higher Ed

For all of you in the neighborhood of Belgium and interested in how the Higher Education landscape is changing, feel free to join a wonderful set of Educational thinkers on Thursday 25 April in the UFO room at the University of Ghent.

One of my long standing professional friends Frank Gielen is one of the speakers at this event and he is a die-hard pioneer of combining academic knowledge with entrepreneurial leadership and innovation. As a mobile learning expert we have had wonderfully inspiring discussions on how mobiles change education. His vision is a balanced combination of research and corporate use of new research findings to strengthen a nation and secure jobs, sustainable economics and continues knowledge creation. In short he is a believer in combining tech with humanity and sound economics.

Loving the title of the debate: The university is dead! Long live the university!

Here are some of the topics which will be discussed during this debate:

  • How can higher ed strengthen the Flemish welfare state?
  • How can higher ed deliver strong innovators to its corporate firms?
  • What does higher ed have to do to prepare its students for a 50 year long career, filled with change and lifelong learning?
  • What does society expect from its university graduates?
  • Is there a need for shorter or longer educational tracks to fill in the needs of corporate job demands?
  • How can we balance the need for diverse jobs when many students opt to go for knowledge based jobs, instead of aiming at the wide range of necessary jobs inside society?

A list of the speakers:
Kris Peeters, minister-president van de Vlaamse Regering

Ed Brinksma, Rector Magnificus van de Universiteit Twente
Jo Libeer, gedelegeerd bestuurder VOKA
Frank Gielen, directeur Incubatie & Ondernemerschap iMinds
Els Goetghebeur, professor Universiteit Gent 
Tom Claes, professor Universiteit Gent
Jan Hautekiet, radio presenter of Radio 1

The debate is organized in the University Forum, Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 33, Gent
on 25 april 2013 at 19u30 and its free!