Thursday, 28 March 2013

Free #OER trend report with #MOOC and innovative learning foci

The renowned SURF group that are situated in the Netherlands just published a wonderful, insightful and all over great read on the trend of Open Educational Resources (OER). The English report can be found and downloaded here and consists of 112 pages of great up to date OER information
This report gives a great overview of why OER are gaining interest and how they can strengthen and promote open learning (with education for all as the ultimate goal). As MOOCs are growing, resulting in more accessible content/sometimes true OER, and UNESCO's OER declaration was adopted in 2012, OER interest has grown steadily in all regions in the world.  Some of the initiatives mentioned in the report direct to initiatives coming from Dutch Universities, and refering to MOOCs (massive open online
courses), and starting an open online Master’s degree programme. There is also the Wikiwijs programme, which aims to adopt a specific approach for higher education.
The OER Trend Report for 2013 provides an extensive survey and explanation of these developments, primarily from the perspective of experts. It thus provides a balanced picture of the opportunities and possibilities of OER but also of the objections to them.

These are the topics listed in the report:

  • open textbooks: trends and opportunities 
  • OER and Informal learning
  • Global OER Graduate Network
  • moocs: trends and opportunities for Higher Education
  • OpenCourseWare evaluation and certification of OER
  • opening up education
  • OER Declaration
  • new role for libraries in content curation
  • mobile devices and apps as accelerators for OER
  • Trends in business models for OER and open education
  • an International perspective on OER: the influence of igos on the OER movement
  • learning paths and OER
  • OER Knowledge Cloud
  • The human factor in adopting OER
  • What determines readiness to share?
  • ecosystems for open education: trends and opportunities 
  • Learning analytics: the right content for the right student

If you have a bit of time, this is a nice read to get up to speed with the current state of affairs of OER.